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Your neighbourhhood brick pusher


I find it interesting that white people manage to send me questions like this regularly.

Now here’s the juicy part. People like this asker always take the time out from their day to challenge Black folks like me who talk about our experiences with white supremacy and anti-Black racism. That same inquisitiveness and argumentative vigor is never directed towards actual white supremacy. They remain silent on stop and frisk. They remain silent on gentrification. They remain silent on broken windows policing. They remain silent on Rockefeller drug laws. They remain silent on the disparity of convictions for the same crimes committed by Blacks and whites. They remain silent on redlining. They remain silent on predatory lending from banks that prey on Black communities. They remain silent about the hundreds of thousands of Black people in prison for minor marijuana related crimes as marijuana is slowly decriminalized and incentivized as big business, complete with barriers of entry that ensure that only wealthy whites enjoy and benefit from this so called decriminalization.

As all this is going on right in front of them, they still have the temerity to ask nonsense like this. They envision racism as this overt thing where white people are screaming ‘nigger’ at Black people. Well, even by that definition I’ve got you covered. That old fashioned, extroverted racist is here too. They harass me everyday. From emails, to messages to reblogging my posts only to call me nigger, monkey, baboon, ape, savage etc. Not every once in a while. Every day. Now I have a strong disposition and I’m excellent at ignoring faceless cowards, but I’m letting you know that this is happening everyday.

This is where people like this asker will say they didn’t know. Fair enough. Sometimes you need to get hit with a hammer to get the point. Let me show you a recent example of that proverbial hammer. Just yesterday, an enthusiastic white supremacist reblogged one of my posts. Click here to see what he wrote. There are entire groups of them who go around doing this everyday. That’s all they do. The online harassment of Black people is literally their mission.

Now that I’ve given you one example, I’m sure going forward that you’ll address white supremacists like them with the same vigor that you’ve addressed me with. I’m sure you’ll be sending them messages to denounce their overt racism, telling them that their actions are unacceptable. You will stand up and check their behavior, right? Take the time out of your day sending Black people messages and lecture white people championing white supremacy and inciting violence against Black people for a change. Send them your messages. Let’s see you tackle that head on.



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